Image Filter

Image Filter

October 28, 2021

example p5.js javascript images 🎃

This sketch loops over every pixel in an image, and for each pixel it calculates a new color based on the original color. This is one way image filters are made! To play around, try changing the getFilterColor(r, g, b) function below!

let img;

function preload() {
  img = loadImage('images/cat-3.jpg');

  // Click the > menu to the left and look in
  // the images directory for more images to try!
  // Or upload your own image!
  // URLs also work, like this:
  // img = loadImage('');

function setup() {
  createCanvas(600, 600);

  // Resizes the image so it fits on the screen
  img.resize(width, height);


function draw() {

  // This code looks at every pixel in the image,
  // gets the color of the pixel and
  // calculates the new color based on our filter logic.
  for (let y = 0; y < img.height; y++) {
    for (let x = 0; x < img.width; x++) {

      // Gets the original color
      const imgColor = img.get(x, y);

      // Gets the filter color
      const filterColor = getFilterColor(red(imgColor), green(imgColor), blue(imgColor));

      // Draws a pixel with the filter color
      point(x, y);

// This function is where the magic happens!
// It takes the original r, g, b, color
// and uses that to calculate a "filter" color.
function getFilterColor(r, g, b) {

  // Try using the r, g, b values to make a new color!
  // Some things to try:
  // xFilter = 255; (increase or decrease a specific color)
  // xFilter = 255 - x; (bright becomes dark, dark becomes bright)
  // xFilter = r; (rearrange r, g, b into a different order)

  const rFilter = 255 - r;
  const gFilter = b
  const bFilter = g;

  return color(rFilter, gFilter, bFilter);


Click here to edit this code in the p5 editor.

filtered image

This is part of p5 spooky sketches printout I made for CC Fest in 2019. That printout contains a bunch of Halloween-themed examples of drawing and image manipulation. Feel free to use it on your own or in a classroom!

Remix Ideas

  • Apply this filter to different images.
  • Change the logic in the getFilterColor() function to make your own filter.
  • Can you convert a color image to black and white, or recolor a black and white image?

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