You can code.

Code is more than just ones and zeroes. Code is a creative process that lets you express yourself, reach other people, generate art, and make stuff in new ways every day.

Happy Coding is a collection of tutorials and examples, starting with the fundamentals of creative coding and ending with advanced topics like server-side coding and Android development.

It's also a community of people learning how to code. So if you're stuck on something or have a question, come say "hello world" on the forum!

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Kevin and Stanley

Hi! I'm Kevin!

By day I'm a software engineer at Google Maps, and I also volunteer with Software Product Sprint in my "20%" time.

By night I maintain this site, where I post coding tutorials, examples, and other ramblings. I do all of this for free, in my spare time, just for fun. I'm a person, not a company!

I support diversity in tech, and I believe I have a responsibility to open the door for new coders- especially those who feel unwelcome, or who might not know how fun it is. Happy Coding is my attempt to show new folks a path from the fundamentals of coding, to every concept I've learned about so far.

I love talking about all of this stuff, so please come say "hello world" on the forum!

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