Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Tree

January 18, 2021

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Click here to view this code in the p5 editor, and click here to view the result by itself.

This sketch uses recursion to create a digital bonsai tree. Click a circle to prune it!

I created this for the 18th day of Genuary which had a prompt of “One process grows, another process prunes.” I started by drawing some ideas and then prototyping. I almost gave up, but I eventually landed on an approach that generated new positions randomly, and threw them out if they intersected an existing circle. That’s much more manageable than the complicated trigonometry I originally tried to use!

bonsai tree bonsai tree bonsai tree bonsai tree

Remix Ideas

  • Play with the variables at the top of the sketch to create different designs.
  • Add flowers to your bonsai tree.
  • Add other colors. Maybe try random colors, or autumn colors.

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