Vera Molnár Squares

Vera Molnár Squares

January 11, 2024

example p5.js javascript for-loops genuary

Genuary is an event that provides a different prompt every day through January, and creative coders make generative art based on the prompt each day. This year, Genuary 6th’s prompt was “In the style of Vera Molnár”.

Vera Molnár was an early digital artist, and she created really interesting artwork back before creative coding was really a thing!

This sketch creates a design similar to some of her artwork, by randomly drawing squares in a grid.

Click here to edit this code in the p5.js editor.

Randomly colored squares Blue and green squares Grayscale squares Animation of randomly colored squares appearing in a grid

Remix Ideas

  • Change the number of squares, or play with different colors.
  • Draw different shapes, like circles or polygons.
  • Check out other art by Vera Molnár for inspiration!

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