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Google Cloud Tutorials

Google Cloud is a collection of tools, libraries, frameworks, and services that allow you to run code using the power of Google’s infrastructure.

Google Cloud contains a lot of really fun stuff, but it’s not exactly friendly to novices. Before jumping into these tutorials, make sure you’re familiar with Java. Specifically, make sure you’re comfortable with OOP and inheritance and classpath and libraries.

The full code for the examples used in these tutorials is available on GitHub.

These tutorials have been updated to use Java 11 and the latest Cloud SDK.

Migrating Google Cloud from Java 8 to Java 11

Have an existing Java 8 Google Cloud project that you want to migrate to Google Cloud’s Java 11 runtime? Follow this guide:

Legacy Java 8 Tutorials

These tutorials use Java 8 and the standalone App Engine SDK, which is now deprecated. I’m leaving these for reference.