Music Visualization

This page contains visualizations of various songs and albums. I used Minim to get song data, and Processing to turn that data into what you see below.

Each line shows the sound level of a song over time. I like that they end up looking like signatures.

Check out this Twitter thread to see my process.


Screen Violence

Somehow this album evokes a mix of 80s horror movies and modern rage against the patriarchy, and I am here for both.

Screen Violence

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the everybodyfields

It would be a cliche to say that this band helped me get through some stuff, so I’ll just say that they spent some time with me.

Nothing is Okay

I had this album on repeat for a couple years back in my angsty twenties. In 2021 I went to a virtual Jill Andrews concert where she did this album, and I couldn’t help but get sappy about how much we’ve both grown.

Nothing is Okay

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Just Jack


The first time I heard this song was back in 2002-03. I was 16 or 17, living in Pennsylvania, and the local rock station had a show that played “under the radar” music every Sunday night. This song blew my mind, and it’s still one of my favorites.

The Outer Marker

I’ve been a big Just Jack fan ever since Snowflakes. His music was there in my teens, 20s, and now 30s. This might be a weird thing to say, but I feel like we grew up together. I recently watched a livestream concert featuring his daughter. It was heartwarming to reflect on how far we’ve both come.

the outer marker

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Nora Jane Struthers

A big part of my twenties was attending Nora Jane Struthers concerts, so it felt appropriate that a big part of my quarantine in 2020 was attending weekly livestream concerts with Nora Jane Struthers and her husband Joe Overton.



Taylor Swift

the 1

This song is gorgeous, bittersweet, and self-deprecating. It resonated with how I felt when it came out in 2020. Also “in my defense I have none” is a hilarious line.


This whole album is thoughtful and subtle and understated in a really pretty way. For some reason it feels right to be listening to this during quarantine.


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Trampled by Turtles

Wait so Long

I didn’t know I loved bluegrass music until I heard this song.

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It would be a cliche to say that this album helped me get through some stuff, so I’ll just say that this album spent some time with me.


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