46 Million Turkeys

46 Million Turkeys

November 25, 2021

46 Million Turkeys is an art project that encourages people to think about how many turkeys are killed in America on Thanksgiving every year by sending in a portrait of a single turkey. 46 million is too big a number to really understand, but it’s much easier to empathize with a single turkey.

I love this project, not just for its message, but also because it’s interactive and welcoming to everyone: from kids making hand turkeys, to professional artists making beautiful portraits.

I participated back in 2013, when I used libGDX to create an animation of random turkeys filling the screen. I also launched it as a live wallpaper on Android, but Google has since taken it down. But it was really cool to see my “art” in a real gallery!

laptop in gallery laptop in gallery

This year, I’m redoing that old project in p5.js!

You can view fullscreen or edit the code.

turkeys random colored turkeys transparent turkeys transparent random colored turkeys


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