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November 24, 2022

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Thanks for visiting Happy Coding! One of my main goals with this site is to provide access to everything I’ve learned, and to form a community of folks learning and coding together- without resorting to spammy SEO, clickbait, and dark patterns. This makes it hard to make sure folks actually know when I post new tutorials and blogs. Here are a couple ways to keep up with Happy Coding!

The Forum

The easiest way to subscribe to Happy Coding is by creating an account on the Happy Coding forum.

After you create an account, go to the Email tab in your preferences. You can enable the activity summary, which sends emails for new forum posts. You can set the cadence to monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly. (Don’t worry- even if you set it to hourly, you won’t get a new email every hour! You’ll only get an email when there’s a new post.)

Happy Coding forum preferences page

This works because every tutorial and example page on Happy coding has a corresponding post on the forum, and replies to the forum post show as comments on the original page. So subscribing to the forum is pretty much the same thing as subscribing to Happy Coding.


RSS feed:

RSS (really simple syndication) is a way to subscribe to any website without relying on a social media company. You can use any RSS reader to subscribe to any webpage with an RSS feed, which is really just a file that contains information about the webpage.

Feedly is a nice modern RSS reader that’s free for following up to 100 RSS feeds. You can subscribe to Happy Coding on Feedly.

Feedrabbit is another RSS reader that delivers new posts to your email. You can subscribe to Happy Coding on Feedrabbit.

Don’t worry too much about picking an RSS reader. One of the nice things about RSS is that you can always switch to a different RSS reader later!

Social Media

I’m trying to decrease my reliance on social media sites, but for now you can also find me on Twitter and Mastodon.


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