JavaScript Libraries - Week 13

Welcome to week 13 of Intro to Creative Web Dev! This is the last “real” week of class!

Now you know how to write your own JavaScript. This week is about using JavaScript libraries, which let you use code written by other people!

Read through these two sections and then work through the project at the bottom to complete the week!


First, learn about JavaScript libraries:


Then, learn about a specific JavaScript library named Bootstrap:

Project - Bootstrapify a Business Webpage

Now you know how to use libraries in your code, including Bootstrap. To practice that, you’re going to use Bootstrap to create a webpage for a fake business.

The business can be real, imaginary, or aspirational. You can reuse your business from week 10, or you can use a different one.

Your code should contain the following:

  • Loading the Bootstrap JavaScript library
  • Loading the Bootstrap CSS library
  • At least 3 Bootstrap components

Alternatively, each of the following will also count as a single Bootstrap component:

  • Bootstrap grid
  • Loading a Bootstrap theme instead of the default CSS library
  • Overriding a Bootstrap style with your own CSS

Don’t limit yourself to a single HTML file. Feel free to include multiple files that link to each other. For example you might have an index.html homepage, an about.html page that contains a description of your page, and a photos.html page that contains images. Each of these might use a different Bootstrap component.