This page contains a bunch of useful and/or interesting links. Some of these are utilitarian, some of them are great time wasters when you’re bored, and some of them are just neat to look at.




These organizations help reach out to girls, minorities, and other under-represented groups in Computer Science. Some of them offer curriculums specifically designed for this, or they hold workshops and educational camps that you (or your kids) can attend.


Code Jams

Code jams are like programming competitions, but with less of a focus on strict rules and more of a focus on the fun of getting something done in a short amount of time. You’d be surprised what you can do in 48 hours, or in a month!



Stack Overflow


These are fun entry points into some really interesting topics. Down the rabbit hole! :rabbit:



Game Engines

  • libGDX
    • If you’re interested in game development, learning libGDX should be your goal.
  • JMonkeyEngine
    • I’ve never actually used JMonkeyEngine, but their 3D demos are pretty impressive.
  • JogAmp
    • Not really a game engine, but an OpenGL wrapper that lets you do OpenGL from Java.


Need sounds for your program or game?

    • Find public domain sounds and music.
  • sfxr
    • Generate chiptune sound files.
  • bfxr
    • Sequel to sfxr.

Code Challenges

Coding for Younger Kids

Data Mining

  • Weka
  • Kaggle
    • Offers big data sets and interesting competitions about analyzing it. Sometimes prizes include money or job interviews.