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Teaching Professional Coding


Maybe you’re stuck at a job you don’t love, or maybe you’re in a tech support job and want to make the move to a programming job, or maybe you want to incorporate coding into your current job.

Great news: you’re in the right place!

Processing might seem a little simplistic or artsy if your end goal is professional coding. But I chose Processing because it makes it easy to learn the fundamentals of computer science that you’ll have to learn no matter what your end goal is. Stuff like if statements and for loops look the same in pretty much every language, so you might as well have fun while you learn them!

But what the code looks like is only one small part of programming. The most important thing you have to learn is the process of programming, taking a problem and breaking it down into smaller sub-problems. You can only learn this by programming, by actually going through the process over and over again. So any time you spend doing this is time well spent, even if your end goal is another language.

After you learn the fundamentals in Processing, you can “graduate” to either Java or JavaScript. Processing leads pretty naturally to both, and both lead pretty naturally to jobs.

Depending on your background and what job you’re shooting for, you might eventually want to take classes or get a degree in computer science. Going through these tutorials will give you a big head-start on that. And again, the most important thing is the problem solving process, so the more practice you get with that the better.