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Computer Science Outreach


The tutorials in this site are already designed to be used by anybody. (If you can think of any ways for me to improve this, please let me know!) Teaching for loops to one group of people is pretty much the same as teaching for loops to another group of people.

That being said, computer science has a continuing problem with diversity, or lack thereof. So if you’re teaching students from an underrepresented group, the only advice I have is to make sure they know that computer science is for them. Try to find projects (here are a few) that speak to their interests. Computer science isn’t all about ones and zeroes, or making apps and video games. Code can also be used to create art, data visualizations, medical tools, and scientific experiments. I think that’s one of the most important lessons you can offer to students who aren’t sure whether computer science is for them.

Additionally, here are a few organizations with goals of helping women and minorities get into computer science, in alphabetical order: