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Random Face

example processing procedural-generation
size(200, 200);

//place face in middle of window
float faceX = width/2;
float faceY = height/2;

//smallest face is half the window, biggest face is whole window
float faceWidth = random(width/2, width);
float faceHeight = random(height/2, height);

//random face color
fill(random(255), random(255), random(255));

//draw the head
ellipse(faceX, faceY, faceWidth, faceHeight);

//random eye size
float eyeWidth = random(faceWidth*.1, faceWidth*.25);
float eyeHeight = random(faceHeight*.1, faceHeight*.25);

//random eye position
float spaceBetweenEyes = random(eyeWidth, eyeWidth*2);
float leftEyeX = faceX - spaceBetweenEyes/2;
float rightEyeX = faceX + spaceBetweenEyes/2;
float eyeY = faceY - random(faceHeight*.1, faceHeight*.25);


//draw the eyes
ellipse(leftEyeX, eyeY, eyeWidth, eyeHeight);
ellipse(rightEyeX, eyeY, eyeWidth, eyeHeight);

//random pupil size
float pupilWidth = random(eyeWidth*.1, eyeWidth*.9);
float pupilHeight = random(eyeHeight*.1, eyeHeight*.9);


//draw the pupils
ellipse(leftEyeX, eyeY, pupilWidth, pupilHeight);
ellipse(rightEyeX, eyeY, pupilWidth, pupilHeight);

//random mouth size and Y
float mouthWidth = random(faceWidth*.2, faceWidth*.8);
float mouthHeight = random(faceHeight*.1, faceHeight*.3);
float mouthY = faceY + random(faceHeight*.1, faceHeight*.25);

//random mouth color
fill(random(255), random(255), random(255));

//draw the mouth
arc(faceX, mouthY, mouthWidth, mouthHeight, 0, 3.14);
line(faceX - mouthWidth/2, mouthY, faceX + mouthWidth/2, mouthY);

This code uses variables along with the random() function to procedurally generate random faces. Every time you run the program, you get a different face.

random faces random faces random faces random faces

This code might seem complicated, but when writing a program like this, you only focus on one small part at a time.

The point is, you don’t write this entire program at one time. You focus on one small piece at a time.

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