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float x;
float y;

float g;
float b;

void setup(){
 size(600, 300);
 x = width/2;
 y = height;
 g = random(255);
 b = random(g);
 background(0, 0, random(255));

void draw(){
  x += random(-1, 1);
  y -= random(1);
  if(x < 0){
    x = width;
  if(x > width){
    x = 0;
  if(y < 0){
    y = height;
  g += random(-10, 10);
  g = constrain(g, 0, 255);
  b += random(-10, 10);
  b = constrain(b, 0, g);
  stroke(0, g, b);
  point(x, y);

This code starts out with a point in the bottom middle of the screen. It then moves the point up a little bit, and randomly a little bit to the left or right. It also randomly changes the color to a shade of green. It repeats that process every frame, and the effect looks like a vine growing up the screen. If you leave it running long enough, you get something like this:


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